12th of March. My day started with news about the earthquake in Japan. Being a fan of Sketchup as i am, the first thing i did after seeing the Fukushima news, was firing up Google Earth and checking the site to see if there already was a model available. Turned out, there wasn't! So i did some research, found some material and started building. After 2 or 3 hours orso, my first model was finished. I uploaded the model, and it has been seen by more than 300.000 unique viewers, and the model has been downloaded more than 70.000 times!
In one month, it has become the 2nd most viewed GE model ever!

A few days later, i found that Mercedes Petronas F1, is using my picture on their official F1 site.

I'm also getting published in BlenderArt magazine, issue 33!

Fukushima Power plant
11th of March: Japan disaster.
12th of March: Upload 3D model Fukushima I Nuckear power plant. The same day, it had
82260 unique viewers and 39369 downloads!
14th of April: Already 291502 viewers
in the first month! It's the 2nd
most viewed Google Earth model EVER!

The model ...>

Google Earth models
Google Earth is (in my opinion), one of the best visual ways to make a (commercial) connection with your clients. In Google Earth, if you click on the model itself, lots of options for showing
links to your website or social media are available! See some of the sites
i've put on the map for DHL last year

These days, i'm the proud owner of a basic
Nikon D40x ánd a proffesional D2Hs.
Equiped with a tele-, a macro-, a wide angle
and a normal lens, i try to be outdoors as much
as i can. I recently opened my own Panoramio-
account, so you will be seeing more of this in
the future... For now, i'm having more fun schooting pictures, than organising them!...>

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